Thursday, January 5, 2017


It was 29th December,2016 NIIT Dharamshala decided to continue the success celebrations with Mr. NIIT & Ms. NIIT contest 2016. We had so many reasons to celebrate like NEW YEAR and CHRISTMAS. 

The day started with preparations; stage decorations,music,sitting arrangements, guests there were so many things to do. Each and everyone was looking so excited as it was 1st ever contest in the history of NIIT D/sala. And students were the managers, here is a look;

So the time came, curtains were raised and show began @ 12 o'clock. It was beautiful morning.Mr. Ritesh Nag (Faculty) and Ms. Aanchal Kathyal (Student) were the host for the event. They took us to the lovely journey of the event.

Hosts introduced the hon'ble  judges for the event : Mr. Suresh Sharma (HOC, NIIT D/sala) , Mrs. Sonia (Housewife, Neighbor of NIIT D/sala).

The colors unfolded by our hosts one by one. The show began with 1st dance performance by girls group; Sristi, Aparna,Shabnam, Diksha on track " Nashe si chadd gayi and The Humma Song"

It was indeed a mesmerizing performance to start the show.!!!!! Audience applauded.

Next, we moved ahead. It was time for our models to walk the ramp. There were three rounds in this contest. 1st round was ramp walk of each contestants. 2nd round was "talent Show". In this round out of  total 32 contestants; 16 boys and 16 girls, 16 contestants were to be shortlisted. For 3rd round(final) i.e questionnaire round, out 16 candiadtes only 8 contestants were to go.
It was time see our models how they walk the ramp. Here we go:

Moved to next round i.e Talent Round but before result announced audience had to wait. We knew audience cannot wait. So there were more performances for them. Anjana (Infoedge student) sang a beautiful pahari song followed by heart throbbing performance of our "HUNTER BOYS"- Nikhil Thakur(2nd sem -GNIIT), Nitin Rana(1st sem-ANIIT), Ishan Kapoor(2nd sem -GNIIT) and Akshay Sharma(4th sem-GNIIT). It was fusion dance performance. What a spectacular performance!!! Still feeling...


Hunter Boys

Wow performance it was! Now there was a time for results. Heart beats were up for both contestants and audience. But  again we had to wait, b'coz it was tough decision. Our host called  Mr. HOC for surprise performance. He sang "Achha chalta hun...""  Dinesh Sir accompanied him.
And much awaited moment came, Results announced. 
16 contestants moved ahead for talent round where they had show their talent. Some sang, some dance,two were really unique :Acting (Shiana) and Yoga(Vishal). We realized our students are really talented.

Then we moved to final round with shortlisted 8 contestants.Before calling up our models, we had a little treat for audience with dance performance by group: Sahil,Shabnam,Aparna and Sumit on "AAJ KI PARTY"
Here is a glimpse:

And the final result announced and our winners are:

Congratulations Mr. NIIT (Avind) & Ms. NIIT (Manisha Palnail)

This was how lovely morning came to an end. We abdieu 2016 with a happy ending and welcoming NEW YEAR 2017.